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African Travel is a dynamic, 'user friendly' web site with categorised reviews plus tons of information and photographs illustrating the top places to visit in East Africa. It is the most detailed travel web site within the Internet information industry. To learn more simply read the information below.


Q1. How does work?
Our site provides reviews on the best products in the tourist industry within East Africa. Designed to easily navigate, browsers simply click on their choice of country and hit the category of interest. Each product featured automatically reappears under every relevant category.

Q2. What's so different about this web site?
ATR is the only web site that provides browsers and prospective travellers with independent and accurate reviews on East Africa's top products.

Q3. Who writes the Reviews & what assurance of impartiality is there?
Managing Director, Colleen Hogg (who has 20 years experience within the tourism industry) and her team write the Reviews. Their aim is to pull East Africa back to the forefront of tourism in Africa. Colleen and team members have managed camps and lodges, accompanied specialised safaris and tours, accomplished in Media Management, and managed tour companies. Over the years Colleen and has established a close working relationship with key tourism associations and organisations, played an active role in wildlife conservation and is an experienced journalist & photographer with an eye for detail. The continued success of this site lies in her impartial approach. The site is independently owned with no partnerships with any tourist groups.

Q4. What does a Review on ATR actually include?
Each Review includes a set of photographs best illustrating the product. A set of icons at the end of the page highlights the services & facilities available. Each page also has a hyperlink to your own web site and chosen e-mail address plus physical & postal address details. The Review and photographs can be renewed as often as you like at no extra cost. Simply e-mail the info & new photographs to us and we will up-date your page. In addition you will receive a bi monthly 'performance report' and newsletter.

Q5. What do individual tourist products really gain by joining ATR?
An independent review that compliments your self-advertising web site.
b. ATR entices prospective visitors to East Africa with its up dated information.
c. Our Database can up-date your information within seconds and allows prospective visitors access to information without having to surf the Net extensively.
d. Once 'on board' you will be hyperlinked to other web sites ensuring maximum exposure within the competitive world of tourism and travel and increasing your web site's search engine placement.
e. We actively liase with the international Media both electronically and in print. The National Geographic Magazine described ATR in 2001 as the most comprehensive and informative web site on East Africa.
f. ATR is the perfect 'on site tour' of East Africa for travel agents worldwide.
g. One of the most unique factors is how ATR brings members across East Africa together, utilising each other to create new business.

I have my own site so why should I join

99% of clients have their own web sites. ATR maximises your exposure on the internet as we are a detailed directory covering a broader market, receiving far more hits than any given 'individual site.' We will direct far more browsers to your existing site as well as providing you with a unique and continuously developing format for marketing.

Q7. Who owns ATR?
Colleen Hogg, Managing Director of Travel Review Ltd, a Nairobi based company owns If your companies profile needs spicing up, or you have a particular event that needs exposure speak to Travel Review Ltd. Travel Review is a dedicated marketing consultancy company, designers of brochures and other marketing tools, as well as providing journalist and photographic services.

For more information on joining contact Colleen: